Omaha Reiki Increasing Our Life Force Energy


Welcome to Omaha Reiki. This is a place for your search for Reiki Practitioners in Omaha, Nebraska. Reiki is a healing art that can help us to achieve a higher level of wellness in our life. Many have discovered Reiki and made it part of their life, and many use Reiki workers on a regular basis.

What is Reiki and how does it benefit me?Chinese_meridians
Reiki come from the Japanese, and utilizes the energy of our life force. Those who administer Reiki are using their hands as a conduit to pass the unseen energy of their life force to another. That passing of energy allow us to have a greater more fulfilled life.

There’s several ways that we can build more life energy, and a practitioner or the Reiki Art can help us learn these ways for a happier more healthy life.

Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the United States in the 1930′s, and much of the Art of Reiki that we know came from her. Sensei’s would teach the metaphysical healing power in order so those practicing could learn the correct methods to help others. Reiki has been documented in helping ailments, and promoting higher energy levels and a greater life force energy.